The Final Six

Right now I am on Reading Week. Or as I like to call it, What-Are-Responsibilities-Even Week. Basically, it is a week-long break from school.

But when school resumes on Monday – I will have only have six weeks left of school. Which is absolutely bonkers to me. I am so not ready for that.

In the beginning of the semester, I envisioned this semester to be one where:
(a) I ate healthier
(b) I worked out a lot (I even bought a fitness membership!)
(c) I became better at staying on top of my work

I have been below average on all of these goals.

So right here, right now, I am going to make a new Plan of Action with these categories in mind: Food, Fitness, School. I am calling it “The Final Six.”

Weekly Goals 

  • FOOD | Meal plan and meal prep weekly. Eating out limited to twice per week.
  • FITNESS | Go to the gym for a fitness class 3 times per week.
  • SCHOOL | Dedicate 2 hours a day strictly for readings. Start using time sheets for studying.
  • Plan, plan, plan! Start #PlannerSundays where I layout my plans for the upcoming week, making sure to pencil in my above goals.
  • Monitor Moods. Check-in on myself daily, rating both my mood and my productivity levels out of 5.

Fingers crossed that this will work! Will keep you posted on the progress of these things!




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